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The Raring Corporation (TRC)
Company dedicated to provide environment dust control solutions, through dust abatement with dry fog system (ADS fog), known as dust supression systems or dust supressors. It has projects developed and equipment manufactured by TRC on the major mining operations worldwide, in major bulk ports and in installations that involve dry material transportation (coal, generation plants, ore transport systems).

Founded on 1984 by David Raring, inventor of dry fog technology, it started to be represented in Latin-American by PIMASA since December 2009. PIMASA purchased the 50% of the property of the company, on the year 2013. On 2017 PIMASA acquired 100% of TRC’s shares taking full control of the operations still based in USA, with participation of David Raring as senior consultant.

Their main offices are in Vancouver and counts with representation offices in Australia and India.
Lorbrand S.A.
Lorbrand Pty is a South African Company that manufactures idlers (steel rollers for conveyor), which started to be represented by PIMASA on the year 1997. Due to the market requirements, was detected the need to maintain stock in Chile and establish productive capacity for the specific requests of our customers, whereby Lorbrand S.A. was created with equal participation between PIMASA and Lorbrand PTY and counts with raw material warehouses and a production plant in La Negra, Antofagasta.

This company manufactures idlers under the Lorbrand Pty license, and sells the brand products, known internationally for its quality and high levels of durability, thanks to their seals and roller system.

Currently the Company has major mining companies in Chile among its customers and is in the process of opening other regional markets.
Pimasa Ltda.
As a part of the strategy of regional growth, PIMASA opened offices in Brazil on the year 2001 for commercialization of molybdenum and related products of the metallurgical area.

A company with Brazilian legal personality was generated in Sao Paulo b Brazil, with local partners who have a minority participation in the Company.

Actually this office is operating normally and it is being projected as an entry point for the environmental and metallurgical areas in to this market.