This area has a history of over 15 years delivering integral solutions to the projects involving dust control, in response to the environmental regulations. Is a certificated area under ISO 9001-2008 for all the services offered by it.

All this has been materialized with an offer which includes all the stages of a project, as it is shown below:
  • Design of equipment and integral systems for the dust control in the industrial aplications.
  • Services for the maintenance, standardization, implementation and commissioning of equipment and dust control systems.
  • Supply of spares and consumables of the dust suppression systems and systems for dust control.

We also have the representation of the CEMS systems line from Goyen Pentair, for regulatory compliance of gaseous emissions monitoring. In the line of gaseous emissions control, we count with a strategic alliance with Maguin, an European leader brand of CERCAT filters, for SOx and NOx abatement.

In addition to the offices of PIMASA in Santiago, Antofagasta and Sao Paulo, the environmental area counts with a representation in Peru through the Company Blexim (with offices in Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo and Cajamarca), which allow us to deliver our solutions and experience to the customers among the South cone directly.

Engineering and Equipment

Pimasa counts with an in-house engineering department, which support the development of the dust control projects, with the following modes:

  • Support on conceptualization, basic design and dust collection systems engineering, including jacks, ducts, chimneys and filter bag house. Supply of auxiliar equipment for bag houses, such as screw conveyor, rotary valve and extraction fan.
  • Layout, supports, baffles and encapsulations designs for dust abatement with Dry Fog system, (The Raring Corp) in solid material transportation equipment, bulk ports discharge hoppers, screeners, crushers.
  • Engineering for dust control in stock piles, coal piles and other stockpiles of material by implementing wind fences (Weathersolve).
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply of high temperature gases treatment systems, with high efficiency on the capture of particles, NOx treatment and the neutralization of acid gases (SO2, HCl, HF).
  • Integral dust control projects at industrial facilities, which includes a mixture of the systems described above, including chemical applications for roads and other points of dust generation. These projects include wind modeling and definition of the layout of the equipment to meet regulatory requirements

Each of the companies represented, supports with the necessary engineering to guarantee their solutions, generating a solid answer to each of the customer requirements for dust control on their facilities.

Watch a presentation of the equipments.

Engineering and Equipment

We have permanent stock in our warehouses for spare parts of Goyen Enviromental Systems, such as solenoid valves and diaphragms valves for jet pulse systems, sequencers, level gauges, filter bags broken detection, repair kits. We also have consumables for dust control equipment (bag house filters) as cages and bags.

We have our own manufacture of wire cages for filter bags (Galvanized and stainless Steel wires), in different diameters and widths.

Filter bags, manufactured in Chile with raw material from Albarrie (Canada), are available on high temperature fabrics such as Nomex, Ryton, P-84, etc.

Also, inside the dust suppresser line, of the brand The Raring Corp, we count with a wide range of nozzles spare parts, filters, switches, valves, flow detectors, etc.


Spare Parts and Consumables

With its base located in Antofagasta, but with coverage throughout Chile, services unit delivers professional advice to our customers on new dust control systems or in existing (operational or not) dust control systems.

Our specialized technical personnel accredited in the Factory, allow us to meet the following requirements:

  • Diagnostics and Inspection of systems in operation or stopped.
  • Supervision on the installation for normalizations of existent equipment and new equipment.
  • Advice on commissioning and startup of equipment installed by PIMASA or refurbished equipment.
  • Training of the maintenance staff for operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Consulting on inspection plans and preventive maintenance inspection.