PIMASA was constituted by public deed of November 20th, 1969, granted before the Notary of Valparaiso, Mr. Carlos Calderón Cousiño, with the objective of commercializing calcium carbide and ferroalloys. Afterwards, it expanded its commercial business to chemical products, metals and products for the mining.

This is how starting from the original business units (Metallurgical and Calcium Carbide) PIMASA has grown, highlighting the following landmarks in its history:

  • 1987: Started the representation of Pirelli mining cables, which gave origin to the business area Energy and Communications.
  • 1993: The Environmental business area was created, in order to deliver solutions for the emission control under emerging regulations.
  • 1998: PIMASA inaugurated its current headquarter, which includes the corporate building and warehouses.
  • 1999: PIMASA opened the Antofagasta branch, making the company put more focus on the mining market.
  • 2001: PIMASA Ltda was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • 2003: The Material Handling business area was created through the representation of Lorbrand Pty.
  • 2006: Conveyor Services S.A. was founded in La Negra, Antofagasta
  • 2009: Lorbrand S.A. was founded in La Negra, Antofagasta
  • 2012: PIMASA acquires a 50% of The Raring Corp. (TRé in Vancouver, EEUU.